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Vittel architecture

The achievements of the great architects have made VITTEL what it is today: a water city and a city of art.


Charles Garnier, architect of the Paris Opera, was one of the first to put his talent to our city and clung to every moment spent in VITTEL an exceptional moment. Although all did not resist changes in VITTEL, creations such as GARNIER Thermal Establishment, the Thermal Gallery, Prime Casino, the Villas St. Peter and Nino Minima were vivid, its Moorish style marked the end 19th century.


In the early 20th century, Vittel became a station in English style, luxurious and green. The villas adopted the Norman style, many green areas were built and simple holiday resort, Vittel became a sporty and dynamic seaside resort.


With the 20s, VITTEL adopted a resolutely modern look made of light and rigor. Bluysen, with its buildings sleek and white facades gave the station one of its finest achievements: the Casino. In collaboration with Caesar, he gave a new face to the Thermal Establishment and the Grand Gallery.

Caesar, redeveloping sites and scenery, building villas and shrines, gave VITTEL its current face of "Garden City". Interiors of the Grand Hotel to the Hotel Hermitage, he was able to enjoy VITTEL his mastery of all architectural styles.

Proud of this heritage, VITTEL devotes all its efforts to protect this heritage so that tomorrow like yesterday, VITTEL be for you an exceptional resort.