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Thermal Establishment

Thermal establishment open Monday March 30 to Saturday, December 5, 2015 for the cure. Care is provided in the morning (7:30 to 12:30) or afternoon (14h-18h).

The quality of the thermal waters have been approved for more than 150 years:

In a place full of light, care take place under the high benevolence of a professional healthcare team. It was with a smile that every year, our loyal spa guests find themselves in a friendly atmosphere where everyone is known by name.

Based on proven techniques, physicians establish their requirements from a range of varied and complementary care. Strict hygiene protocols provide greater security and add extra comfort to the success of the treatment.


The water quality of Vittel is priceless

Three mineral water and thermal water to treat pathologies 4:


  • Vittel Grande Source : one of the most diuretic in France ; it is used for rheumatism and urinary troubles.
  • Vittel Bonne Source : very light water recommended for digestive troubles
  • Hépar : very rich in magnesium it cures hepatic and gall-bladder troubles and relieves headaches and prevents osteoporosis;
  • Felicie Thermal water : very rich in mineral salts recommended for articulation ailments and functional reeducation.



In Vittel four major health troubles can be cured :

  • Rheumatisms, arthrosis, osteo-articulary traumatisms
  • Urinary ailments
  • Digestive ailments
  • Metabolic diseases


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